Our Family Mediation Mission: A laughing baby being caught in the arms of a loving parent.

Our Background

West Yorkshire Family Mediation Service (WYFMS) has been serving our community since 1996.  The charity was formed by the amalgamation of a number of mediation services formerly operating independently in Leeds, Bradford, Kirklees, Calderdale and Wakefield.  This merger was formalised when West Yorkshire Family Mediation Council (the governing body which trades as West Yorkshire Family Mediation Service) was registered as a Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee in January 1996 (our Registered Charity Number is 1057519).

Where do we work?

We cover the whole county of West Yorkshire, operating from two mediation centres, one in Leeds and the other in Bradford. Our main office for administration is located in Bradford.

Our Mission

We fully recognise the emotional, mental and financial strain that is imposed on people when their relationships break down.  In view of this, our mission is quite straight forward.

We are to provide a service that helps parents and couples whose relationships are ending or have already ended, to dissolve those relationships in a way that causes least distress to themselves and to their children, both emotionally and financially.

Why is this our mission?

The founders of WYFMS held a firm belief in mediation being the most positive and constructive way to resolve conflict within families.  Furthermore, they believed mediation was a way to help resolve disputes whilst introducing users to the potential of solving other life problems through discussion and agreement rather than through argument.

Their main concern was for the welfare and well-being of children swept up in the emotional confusion of divorce and family separation.  It is the charity’s intention to do this, by delivering:

WYFMS will also:

Our Family Mediation Mission: A mother cradling her baby as her other child watches.


Our aim is to provide an affordable option, an option with added value – giving responsibility back to parents, giving parents the tools to take responsibility for decision-making about their futures and the futures of their children, giving couples the tools and knowledge to negotiate financial agreements in line with divorce law.

Core Values

The charity’s core values are:

By working to our core values, we will ensure that clients will:

Our Family Mediation Mission: Grandchildren sat on the knees of their grandparents.


WYFMS holds a Legal Aid Agency contract which permits us to offer our services free of charge to those financially most in need. We will endeavour to work with our clients as closely as possible to ensure that they receive such funding if they are eligible.

For those not eligible for legal aid, we are a non-profit organisation which allows us to reduce the cost of mediation as much as possible.  We are not here to make money, we are here to provide a much needed service.  We must, however, charge for some of our services in order to remain solvent.  Full details of our fees for those that do not qualify for legal aid are here.