We can help estranged parents resolve contact issues with their children during the coronavirus lock-down.

With the ongoing self isolation caused by the coronavirus, an awful lot of divorced and separated parents have found themselves in a position where they cannot see their children.  This could be due to distances involved, self isolation due to illness in the household, non-essential journey’s being prohibited or just pure caution about moving children between households.

We recognise the anxiety and stress that enforced separation can cause to both adults and children, particularly when no-one knows how long this will last.  Our mediators are now working fully online to keep our services running for the benefit of existing and new clients who wish to engage with ex-partners to work out a plan of how to co-parent both during and after the current crisis.

In some cases it will not be possible for the ‘absent’ partner to physically have contact with their child/ren but with modern technology, such as online video calls, we can help you explore the possibility of telephone or, even better, video contact and then work with you both beyond the current crisis to extend this to physical contact.

We are also continuing mediation to help ex-partners resolve financial and property issues.

Legal aid is available for family mediation to those who qualify which makes the process cost free to you and reduces the cost to your ex-partner.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you, contact us during working hours on 01274 732768 or via email on [email protected].