Co-parenting during the summer holidays.

If you look out the window today, you may think summer is already here.  It’s not.  Having said that, there are only about 10 weeks left until the school summer holidays and before you know it, the school bell will be ringing for the last time until September.

We know that following a divorce or separation, co-parenting takes effort to be successful, even at the best of times.  It is also true that this is the time of year when even in the most functional of co-parenting ‘relationships’ can experience issues surrounding access to their children during their time off.

You may think mid-July is a long way off and that you have ages to sort this.  In reality, now is the time to think and talk matters through with your ex-partner so arrangements can be stress free and the children can enjoy their time off school with both of you.


If you find that you come to an impasse and neither you nor your ex-partner can reach an agreement then definitely consider mediation as a way forward.  If you would like to include your children in the process that is encouraged, although if they are too young or would not want to be involved, it is not essential.

The aim of any such mediation is to allow you both to discuss what you want to achieve and to explain to each other any difficulties or apprehensions you may have with a view to coming to a mutually agreed situation.  Our experienced mediators will facilitate this discussion in a way that will ensure you are both heard.

Ensure that this is a summer break that you can all enjoy.  If you need extra help to do this, mediation should always be the first step to be considered and definitely before mounting frustration leads to the involvement of solicitors and court appearances.