Fame and fortune does not prevent court room battles over child custody.

It is far too common to see ex-partners battle it out in court to arrange sole or shared custody and contact with their children.  Because of the way our press works, we rarely hear about ‘ordinary’ people and their experiences in court but we are given the blow by blow accounts of the rich and famous.

In reality, it does not matter if you are a celebrity or an ordinary person, the last thing that anyone needs is a long, drawn out court case where really, no-one wins.  An ex-couple’s priority should always be to ensure that an agreement is made to formulate a way to co-parent in a manner that is not detrimental to their children.  It should not be about winning or managing to inflict pain on an ex-partner as so often seems to be the case when a celebrity’s relationship breaks down.

Take for example the ongoing high profile court case involving actor Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye in the Avengers) and his ex-partner Sonni Pacheco involving the custody of their six year old daughter Ava. Both parties are demanding sole custody of the child and for the other parent to only have monitored access to her.  Their arguments over custody for Ava date back over 5 years since they split as a couple.

Imagine how much easier their situation would be if, rather than try to battle it out head to head in court, they considered mediation where they sat down and calmly worked together to ensure that Ava was well looked after, was supported by them both and that they were both completely involved in her life working to a mutually agreed parenting plan?

We offer these services which, we can assure anyone, would be far less costly and much quicker than the case reported above.  Mediation is designed for parents to decide what is best for their children, not a judge, it is delivered in a way to avoid conflict, not encourage it and, time has shown that agreements made during mediation are far more likely to be successful than those made by a court.