The mental anguish connected to relationship breakdowns can lead to horrific endings.

Ben Lacomba from Kent is accused of murdering his ex-partner Sarah Wellgreen. The couple had three children from their relationship and Ms Welgreen had a further two grown up children from a previous relationship.

The couple were estranged but still living together and there was an ongoing bitter custody battle with regard to their children.
Whilst only very few cases end in such catastrophic circumstances, we cannot avoid acknowledging that some relationship breakdowns do end in tragedy:

‘Whilst it may never be possible to know what ran through the defendant’s mind when he decided to kill Sarah Wellgreen, it appears that potential loss of property and his children motivated his actions.’

We do recognise that very few cases lead to such horrific actions but it has long been recognised how relationship breakdowns can severely affect a person’s mental state. We offer mediation services to help couples agree child arrangements and how to deal with their property and finances.