You are not alone if your situation is making you feel stressed!

Believe it or not, the Holmes-Rahe Stress Scale indicates that divorce is the second highest stressor for humans, second only to the death of a spouse. So, it is fair to say that divorce or separation is a very stressful time in any person’s life and one which often triggers negative emotions. 

For many people, their worries and fears centre around three main areas: what will happen to the children, what happens to the house and what will happen to any savings or debt that you may have.

Here at West Yorkshire Family Mediation Service we will help you resolve these issues without having to engage in costly, time consuming and stressful court appearances.  Our accredited mediators are trained in all the relevant areas of family law including those that affect couples that lived together but were never married.

If you need to talk through whether or not your situation suits mediation then give us a call or email us and our staff will do what they can to help.