How does divorce or separation affect children?

Divorce or the separation of their parents is never easy for a child.  Studies have shown that a child experiencing such a situation is more likely to suffer mental health problems later in life than a child that does not experience this.  The same research identified that older children are most likely to suffer anxiety or conduct disorders.  Those aged between 3 and 7 are least likely to be affected.

Family breakdowns happen.  This is a fact of life and there is little that we can do about that.  However, we owe it to our children to ensure that they are protected from the worst aspects of this.  One way people can do this is by devising a robust co-parenting plan to ensure that they feel as loved and secure as possible.  A long drawn out court process is probably not the best scenario to do this, nor a long negotiation between solicitors.

Mediation can be the least stressful scenario and one where the parents themselves are directly involved in planning the future of their children.  It is where parents can both be involved in making key decisions.  If the situation suits, and the children agree, then they too can be involved in this mediation process.

At WYFMS, we have fully accredited and experienced mediators that work with children to ensure that their voice is heard during the process.

We are a non-profit organisation with a mission to serve those that need our help. We maintain our fees as affordable as possible and, we hold a legal aid contract for those who find themselves in financial need.

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