Is it too early to try and resolve contact issues with my ex-partner so I can see my children at Christmas?  

This is a question we are often asked by estranged parents experiencing difficulty with contact with their children, ‘When do I need to start mediation so I can spend Christmas with my children’?

Unfortunately, it is all too common when a relationship breaks down, that one parent experiences difficulties with regular, meaningful contact with their children.  In reality it is never too early to begin the mediation process with an ex-partner to resolve these issues, the sooner they are sorted, the sooner both parents can agree a co-parenting plan and come to an agreement about contact.

Mediation is a fantastic opportunity for the parents (and the children if they want to become involved) to talk though the issues that they face and work toward coming to a resolution that is satisfactory for all, especially the children.

Although generally much swifter than engaging in the court process, do not leave it too late if you are hoping to spend time with your children this Christmas.  It is never too early to begin the journey to resolution.

We are a child inclusive service and will always encourage that children are involved in the mediation process if they want and if it is appropriate. 

Contact our office for more details on the mediation process or take your time and read through the information on this site.