The Financial Cost of Divorce.

Divorce inflicts many costs upon those involved in the process, not least, the obvious financial cost.  The question is, do you know how much the process will cost you?  Family solicitors are very good at their job although are often lacking in the area of providing a potential client with a price for their services.

Yes, you may be able to get them to tell you their hourly rate, possibly they will tell you the price of each phone call made or letter/email produced in your case.  It is, however, very difficult to be given an accurate fee for the whole process for you to work with.  Oh yes, and do not forget to add 20% VAT to their final fee as they so often quote their prices without adding VAT.

Studies have shown that on average, in the UK during 2018, the cost for instructing solicitors to deal with a divorce which includes arranging child issues such as custody and visitation costs around £8400.

If we ignore the anguish and conflict that often arises out of frustration at the price, there is the time that this process takes.  Again, in 2018, the average time taken to conclude a divorce in such a manner took 14.5 months.

Family Mediation

There is an alternative to this process that will save you both time and money.  Family mediation has proven to be much quicker to resolve issues and at the same time much cheaper to do so.

If both you and your ex-partner are willing to try mediation then this could be a much more sensible option for you.  In fact, family courts will now insist that you at least attempt mediation before attending court as it saves the court system so much time.

In a straight forward case involving only child issues (ie not property and finance) then mediation can solve your issues for as little as £300 each * and the whole process can be completed in as short a time as 2 – 3 months.

If you qualify for legal aid assistance then the entire process can be available to you at no charge.

What we suggest

Mediation will not work in every scenario but it is something that each separating couple should discuss and consider.  If you think it may work for you then complete our referral form and we can discuss your case with you.


* – this example would include an initial assessment (MIAM) plus two full mediation sessions and your joint agreement produced.  Some cases do take more than two mediation sessions to sucessfully conclude.