Expected rise in number of divorce petitions after Christmas.

Traditionally, once the hustle and bustle of Christmas is over, there is a heavy uplift in the numbers of divorce petitions.  January has always been a busy month for mediation services and family lawyers as a much larger number of people than usual will file for divorce.

This year as been no different with Monday 6th January (the first day back at work for many people) expected to be especially busy.  Records show that even on Christmas Day, thirteen people applied to divorce using the Ministry of Justice’s new online system.

So why is January so ‘popular’ to file for divorce?  The stress and cost of trying to make Christmas perfect are cited as the main reason for ending marriages at this time of year. Too much time with a spouse’s relatives, receiving disappointing gifts and alcohol loosening tongues, allowing for frank opinions, are other triggers for tension.

So, what can you do if you find yourself in this situation?  Of course, you can deal with your divorce yourself without family solicitors if yours is a simple divorce with no children or finances involved.  For most though, it is inevitable that some form of help is required.  Family solicitors can be very helpful but, for many this route is very daunting due to cost and the length of time it can take.

Depending on your personal situation, engaging family solicitors may be financially unrealistic as currently, there is no legal aid support to divorcing couples.  There is, however, legal aid to help those who qualify engage with family mediation services.

Nowadays, if you intend to take your case to court, you will be expected to at least attempt family mediation before doing so.

Family mediation helps to provide you with the power to make the changes you want to see.  It helps you to address the issues that you and your ex-partner wish to resolve, whether they concern your children, your property or your finances.  Your children may also be involved in this process thereby giving them a voice and helping you both understand their hopes, fears and wishes.

If you find yourself in this situation then please feel free to look through our website or to contact us directly for guidance on whether family mediation will suit your needs.  You can email here or call us on 01274 732768 or 0113 245 2986.