Do cohabiting couples have the same rights as married couples or those in a civil partnership?

Engaging mediation services such as ours during or after divorce is quite common nowadays and the existence of mediation as a means to resolve the practical areas of a relationship break up is relatively well known.  But, what about when a couple are cohabiting but not married?  Can mediation be used in such circumstances?

The simple answer is, yes!  Nowadays the breakdown of a relationship can be devastating whether or not a couple are married and the financial implications may be just as severe.

It is a fact that generally, if you’ve been living together as a couple and then separate, you have fewer rights than couples who divorce or dissolve their civil partnership and in a similar manner, your break-up will be more straightforward if you can agree about the things you are dividing, such as your property, possessions and assets.  If this can be done then a solicitor or mediator may not be required as there is no formal legal process to follow.

Certain factors may change this when you may find that using a family mediator to help you both resolve your situation would be advantageous. 

For example:

If you can, try to avoid arguing with your ex-partner through a solicitor and try to discuss matters directly.  If for any reason this does not work, then rather than immediately engaging a solicitor or approaching a court, mediation is a viable and affordable alternative. 

We are used to working with cohabiting couples as well as those who are married or in a civil relationship and we will help you both resolve any issues that you have with regard to your children, property or finances.