So just how important is client feedback?

What our clients think of the service we provide is extremely important, therefore scrutinising client feedback is always a high priority for our manager and the whole team. With that in mind, the latest batch of feedback forms delivered a lot of positivity toward both our mediation and support teams. Well done all!

“I was dealt with professionally and quickly”

“I researched services online and initial contact was very easy via email and telephone”

“It’s worth trying to see if you can work things out amicably through mediation to save money on going to the courts”

“I read about WYFMS online. Initial contact was easy and straightforward”

“Google search made it very easy to make contact”

“Made me feel very comfortable and at ease”

“Everything was in good interest to us both – for our grandchildren”

“I think David (mediator) was very helpful”

“Easy way to get financial side sorted. Less time than going to court”

“Julie (mediator) is very good at her job”