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Mediating financial and property settlements

When a relationship breaks down, there are usually financial issues to sort out


Our mediators specialise in helping separating couples deal with their finances and property. This includes helping you decide how to settle existing debts and bills with least delay so you don’t run up additional costs. It involves the division of any savings and assets between you in a way that the two of you feel is most equitable. Like solicitors, family mediators work within the parameters of family law, to help you arrive at an agreement that can be made legally binding.

The mediator will help the two of you:

At the point where the two of you reach an agreed proposal, the mediator will ask both of you to discuss it with your individual solicitors, before it is agreed and taken forward. This gives each of you the opportunity to ensure that your proposed agreement is realistic – and confidence that you have made good decisions. If you don’t already have a solicitor, our Family Solicitor Directory can help you find one.

Dealing with your finances and property through family mediation keeps you both firmly in control of any proposals for settlement. Family mediation is the best choice for separating couples who want to reach an agreement at least cost and at a pace that fits for them.


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