What Does Mediation Cost?

A common question we are asked is, ‘how much does mediation cost?’. Mediation does come at some cost although compared to engaging family solicitors, it is a more affordable and cost-effective way to resolve issues. We are the only non-profit mediation service across West Yorkshire and ensure that we keep prices for our fee-paying clients to an absolute minimum.

Although legal aid is not available to assist in the divorce process, it is still provided for family mediation and, if you are found to be eligible it will cover the complete cost of your mediation. In cases where only one party is eligible for legal aid, the second party will have part of the process paid for them. This section of the site explains our fees in detail and, if you are eligible, the legal aid process.

Why Do We Charge for Mediation and what does a ‘Non-Profit’ Do With the Fees?

WYFMS is extremely lucky to hold a Legal Aid Agency contract which permits us to offer our services free of charge to those financially most in need. We will endeavour to work with our clients as closely as possible to ensure that they receive such funding if they are eligible.

For those not eligible for legal aid then we do have to charge.  We are a non-profit organisation which allows us to reduce the cost of mediation much below that charged by our commercial competitors, we are not here to make money, we are here to provide a much needed service.  We must, however, charge for some of our services in order to remain solvent.

Legal Aid

We fully appreciate the financial burden of divorce and separation and, as a non-profit organization we strive to keep our costs to an absolute minimum.  For those on a low income or receiving benefits, we can assess your eligibility to receive legal aid assistance.  If you are eligible legal aid will cover 100% of your mediation costs.  If only one party qualifies for legal aid then the second person will also qualify for legal aid funding for their initial assessment (MIAM) and first session.  The link below will take you to the government assessment tool to see if you are eligible to receive assistance.

Check to see if you can get Legal Aid


For those who do not qualify for legal aid, our fees are detailed below.  To be as transparent as possible, these are quoted including VAT and are quoted ‘per person’ unless otherwise stated.

Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately, as we have cut our costs to an absolute minimum in order to pass savings onto our clients, we do have to take payment in advance of any sessions and we do have a cancellation policy.  Our cancellation timetable and reimbursement policy is detailed below.

Unless otherwise stated, fees given are per person and are inclusive of VAT

Debit/credit card payments can be made by telephone to 01274 732768

Activity Time Fee (£) Notes
Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) 60 minutes 99 Per person
Joint MIAM 60 – 90 minutes 75 Per person
Certification for Court Proceedings (Form C100 or Form A) —————– 0 Included in MIAM fee
Joint Mediation Session – child only matters 60 minutes 105 Per person
Joint Mediation Session – including property/financial matters 90 minutes 180 Per person
Child consultation 60 minutes 105 This can be for an individual child or a group of siblings and is charged for each 60 minute session (if more than one child is in attendance the session may last over one hour).
Child consultation feedback to parents 60 minutes 105 Per person.
Memorandum of Understanding and financial statement – only financial and property matters Up to 3 hours 100 Per person
Drafted joint agreement in child only matters —————– 0 Included in mediation fees
Listening Ear 30 – 60 minutes 105 Per child

What Can You Expect to Pay?

There are three common routes to take when dealing with such family matters, use solicitors, go direct to family court or to use mediation.  The typical fees you can expect to pay in each scenario are:

Direct to court £10,000+
Engaging a Family Law solicitor £2500 – £8400
Our usual prices (private clients) £309 – £739
Our usual prices (legally aided) £0

Child only:  Cases involving children only would be expected to include the MIAM plus two mediation sessions, from which you will be provided with a drafted agreement (309 each).

Property & Finance and property, finance and child matters:  Cases involving property and financial issues, with or without the involvement of children would normally comprise the MIAM plus three mediation sessions and a completed Memorandum of Understanding and financial statement (739 each).


We are a not for profit organisation. Non-attended appointments are a high cost to us. We are dependent on clients attending as arranged in order to avoid additional costs being incurred. We make a charge for re-scheduled, late cancelled and non-attended appointments as follows:

None attendance with no notice Full fee
3 working days or less notice £99
3 – 5 working days notice £60
Complete cancellation over 5 working days notice £30