Legal Aid

We fully appreciate the financial burden of divorce and separation and, as a non-profit organization we strive to keep our costs to an absolute minimum.  For those on a low income or receiving benefits, we can assess your eligibility to receive legal aid assistance.  If you are eligible, legal aid will cover 100% of your mediation costs.  If only one party qualifies for legal aid then the second person will also qualify for full legal aid funding for their initial assessment (MIAM) and first session.  The link below will take you to the government assessment tool to see if you are eligible to receive assistance.

Check to see if you can get Legal Aid


For those who do not qualify for legal aid, our fees are detailed below.  To be as transparent as possible, these are quoted including VAT and are quoted ‘per person’ unless otherwise stated.

Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) – inc Skype MIAM

The MIAM is your initial stage in mediation where both your mediator and your self can explore whether mediation suits your particular circumstances.  Often this stage is completed alone, although you may, if you both with, attend a MIAM with your ex-partner.  During the MIAM your mediator will explain to you:

A MIAM lasts about 45 minutes (although up to 90 minutes if it is a joint session)

Cost:  £99 per person (£75 per person if a joint MIAM).  The cost of mediation includes the cost of producing signed copies of Form C100 or Form A which is the Certification for Court Proceedings.


There are two main types of mediation sessions you may attend, depending upon your circumstances.

Child only issues.  If your only outstanding issue to resolve involves your children, for example to agree where they will live, or contact arrangements then a ‘child only’ mediation session would suit you.  These sessions last about 1 hour and will involve both you and your ex-partner together with your mediator.

Cost:  £105 per person.  The cost of mediation includes the drafted joint agreement.

Financial & Property or ‘All Issues’ (children, property and finances).  If you have a number of issues to resolve, for example dealing with your property and finances (and possibly your children), then the mediation process is a little bit more complicated.  Due to the complexities, these sessions will normally last 90 minutes involving both your ex-partner and yourself as well as the mediator.

Cost:  £180 per person

Child consultation and feedback to parents.  We are a child inclusive mediation service and would always encouraging the involvement of your children in the process if the circumstances fit.  This is something you may discuss with your mediator.

The process would include one or more sessions between your child/ren and the mediator followed by feedback from the mediator to yourselves.  This session can last from 30 – 90 minutes.

Cost:  The cost of this varies and can be agreed during your own mediation session.

Memorandum of Understanding and financial statement – only financial and property matters

This is the document that your mediator will produce for you at the successful conclusion of your sessions and will contain your agreements with regard to your property and finances.  As you can imagine the production of such a document can routinely take up to 3 hours.

Cost:  £100 per person

Listening Ear

Our listening ear service available for children and young people includes one or more sessions with a mediator.  The full details of this are here .  Each session will last approximately 1 hour.

Cost:  £105 per session.

Unless otherwise stated, fees given are per person and are inclusive of VAT

Debit/credit card payments can be made by telephone to 01274 732768

What happens if I do not proceed beyond a MIAM or if mediation breaks down?

If, after your MIAM, it’s considered that mediation is not suitable in your case, or if mediation breaks down, your mediator will supply you with a form (Form C100 or Form A). Once signed by a certified mediator, this form confirms that you have attended a MIAM, following which you may proceed with court proceedings.

What Can You Expect to Pay?

There are three common routes to take when dealing with such family matters, use solicitors, go direct to family court or to use mediation.  The typical fees you can expect to pay in each scenario are:

Direct to court £10,000+
Engaging a Family Law solicitor £2500 – £8400
Our usual prices (private clients) £309 – £739
Our usual prices (legally aided) £0

Child only:  Cases involving children only would be expected to include the MIAM plus two mediation sessions, from which you will be provided with a drafted agreement (£309 each).

Property & Finance and property, finance and child matters:  Cases involving property and financial issues, with or without the involvement of children would normally comprise the MIAM plus three mediation sessions and a completed Memorandum of Understanding and financial statement (£739 each).


We are very lucky to have been provided with funding from the National Lottery Community Fund which allows us to provide cost free mediation to those that find themselves in financial difficulties but who do not qualify for legal aid.  Obviously this funding can only be used for exceptional cases but please, if you feel that you fit the criteria then contact us to discuss your circumstances.

Extra Costs

We believe in full transparency with our fees and as you can see, unlike many law firms, rather than charge by the hour, we charge fixed fees.  There are rarely any additional costs involved in mediations other than those quoted above, however, on occasion we do have to charge for services requested from us, usually at the request of a client’s solicitor.  If we are asked to complete work outside the services detailed above which does divert our staff from their routine duties then such work will be chargeable from £50 – £120 an hour.  If this pertains to you, then please contact our office where our staff will be happy to help you or offer guidance..


We are a ‘not for profit’ organisation. Non-attended appointments are a high cost to us. We are dependent on clients attending as arranged in order to avoid additional costs being incurred. We make a charge for re-scheduled, late cancelled and non-attended appointments as follows:

None attendance with no notice Full fee
3 working days or less notice £99
3 – 5 working days notice £60
Complete cancellation over 5 working days notice £30