What is the Family Mediation Service?

When parents decide to live apart that means family arrangements have to change.  At our Family Mediation Service, a mediator can help your parents decide the best arrangements for you and for them.

Because your views are important, when a mediator meets with your parents, they will ask them if you would like a chance to meet with the mediator.

Is it counselling?

No it isn’t.  It is one meeting where you can give your views and tell the mediator how things are for you.

Would you like chance to talk?

When parents are separating or problems occur after separation this can be a confusing time for young people.  You may feel worried about the future.

Meeting with a mediator gives you the chance to have your say and, most importantly a chance to be heard.  It is a time for you to talk in private.

After our discussion, what will you tell my parents?

The mediator will only tell your parents about the things you want them to.  They will agree with you the best way to do this.

Will it make a difference?

It often does make a difference.  It gives your parents a chance to understand how you are feeling.  This can help them to make decisions with you in mind; you do not have to make decisions.  This is your parent’s responsibility.

Will my parents listen to my views?

The mediator can’t make promises about what your parents will do.  However, this gives them both a good chance to really hear your views.

Will I feel any better?

Young people tell us that meeting with someone to talk can be very helpful.


If you would like to have your voice heard in mediation, speak to your parents, one or both of them.  Ask them to include your wishes and feelings when they’re making decisions about your future.

They decide how you’ll get to spend time with both of them, but it could be decided with your thoughts in mind.