Online Mediation

Skype Mediation

Traditionally family mediation was always conducted face to face in a mediation suite, however, for obvious reasons, with the emergence of Covid-19, this ceased.  Until this point, online mediation was only used in cases where people were living a great distance apart, had unusually heavy work commitments or perhaps child care issues.   It was also a method considered when face to face mediation was impractical to consider due to a particularly traumatic or high conflict split where one person may not have felt comfortable being in the room with their former partner.

Online mediation is now the default method we use for both MIAM and mediation sessions and we have done so since March 2020 with excellent client feedback.

Booking an online assessment or mediation session

Booking an appointment with us is simple and you will find a button ‘make a referral’ on the left side of each of the pages on our site.  Alternatively, you may call our office to make an appointment or complete our referral form which you can find Referral form.

On the morning of your appointment, we will send you a link which you ‘click’ and will be taken to the meeting.  We normally use Zoom for this but can use other programs if required.


That may seem daunting, but it is quite straight forward and you will find that online mediation is an effective mediation facilitation tool.


If you qualify for legal aid, there will be no cost to you.  If you are not entitled to legal aid, the pricing for mediation sessions is available on our ‘fees’ page.  You can find this page by clicking here.

Skype Mediation