FMC Accredited Family Mediators

We usually have opportunities for FMC accredited family mediators who have experience working on legally aided cases in a sessional, part time, full time or contract capacity.  If you would like further details please contact us by email

Non- FMC Accredited Family mediator – observation/practice placement opportunities

WYFMS is offering observation, practice placement and co-working opportunities at our Bradford and Leeds family mediation centres.

Our tailored mediation placement packages are designed to help recently trained family mediators gain experience and start to build their portfolio toward accreditation.

We can offer:

These sessions are aimed at offering an opportunity to gain experience and confidence to practice.  This could be prior to starting and/or during the portfolio/accreditation process.  It provides the opportunity to observe different mediation styles and techniques as practiced by our accredited family mediators who are drawn from a range of different backgrounds.

We do have to charge a fee for providing this service in order to cover the costs of our mediator’s time.  This fee amounts to £50/hour.

Applicants should email their CV, name of PPC and a copy of their PI insurance certificate, similarly, if you would like to receive any further information then please contact us by email.